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Currently working on
Dates: new list type that allows me to add items with dates.
Birthdays: be able to register birthdays and see them in the daily page.
Add more habits: add more options in the habits settings page.
Add characteres count when typing a note.
Pros and cons: new list type that allows me to add pros and cons.
Autocomplete for tags: when adding a new tag in a note, see my tags as options when I start to type the tag that I want.
Search multiple tags: be able to search multiple tags at once.
Bookmark days: be able to bookmark a day.
Food tracker: be able to track the food that I am eating.
Be able to compare today's date with the same day in the previous years.
Graphics for trackers: be able to the trackers (mood, weather, habits) in graphics.
Random quotes: be able to see random quotes in the daily page.
Change theme in the notes: be able to change the theme per note.