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The goal of Journal Parfait is to have everything you need in one place!

Journal Parfait has different modules: notes, to do's, tracking habits, tracking mood and much more to come.
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Encryption key
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Currently working on
Dates: new list type that allows me to add items with dates.
Birthdays: be able to register birthdays and see them in the daily page.
Expenses tracker!
Hi guys! We have a new tracker up and running! The Expense tracker! It is localized on the daily page and within this feature, you can input money that you have spent or earned on that selected day....
Why is the Encryption Key so Important?
Hello guys! I want to talk to you about the encryption key that Journal Parfait ask you to create when you register your account. This encryption key is used to mask everything that you type in your...
Physical Journal
Hi guys! Do you wanna know whether I still use my physical journal now that Journal Parfait is up and running? Yes I do! I like to do some doodles here and there (I am a terrible drawer) and write do...
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