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Physical Journal
Hi guys!

Do you wanna know whether I still use my physical journal now that Journal Parfait is up and running? Yes I do! I like to do some doodles here and there (I am a terrible drawer) and write down some ideas about new modules for JP or other projects that I have in mind. And a paper and a pen are really the best thing for that! Right?

But I use JP everyday, all the time. Why? Because it is information that can be use to generate graphics later on (spoiler about what is coming), because it is information that can be easily fetched and you can search and compare with other days or months (more spoilers)!

Also, with Journal Parfait you can type down anything you want in a second! You just need to grab your cellphone and that is it! Sometimes get the notebook and write something is not an easy task >.< I found myself writting in notes in my cellphone just to put in my notepad later on... Also my handwritting looks like a handwritting of a kid that is 8 years old =x

So yeah, I still use my notebook a few times per week!
Danielle E. B.
March 24, 2019
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